Polish-Russian Youth Exchange 2019 in numbers.

The Polish-Russian Youth Exchange 2019 competition received 54 applications, including one after the deadline.  The applicants requested funding for their projects for the total amount of PLN 3,714,062.01, which gives an average amount of PLN 68,779. The highest amount applied for was PLN 119,229.64, and the lowest was PLN 18,000. They provided for the exchange of 1572 young Poles and Russians with their caretakers.

Ranking of topics:

  • It's more than a hobby, it's a passion! To what extent does the contemporary world enable us to achieve self-fulfilment? – 20 applications
  • "80th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War II – Can we learn from the tragic past?" – 12 applications
  • "The measure of humanity is our attitude to animals. How do we treat animals: subjective or objective? – 10  applications "Media in the contemporary world - the fourth power reports, interprets, creates reality? - 8 applications
  • Pop culture heroes in Poland and Russia – what do they say about our societies? – 4 applications

The largest number of applications was submitted from the Greater Poland Voivodship - 8, followed by Warmian-Masurian and Pomeranian Voivodships with 7 applications and the Masovian, Silesian and Kujawy-Pomeranian Voivodships with 6, 4 applications each from the Lower Silesia Voivodship, Lesser Poland, Lublin and Opole Voivodships with 2 applications each and one application each from the following Voivodships: Łódź, Lubusz, Świętokrzyskie and Podlaskie. When it comes to Russian applicant's partners, the largest number of applicants, i.e. 17, came traditionally from the Kaliningrad Oblast, followed by St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast – 12 entities, followed by Moscow and Moscow Oblast – 8 entities. Two partners each come from Omsk, Volgograd and Yaroslav, and one each from the following cities: Krasnodar, Velikiy Novgorod, Ufa, Tyumen, Samara, Tyumen, Chita, Novosibirsk, Bryansk, Kazan, Arkhangelsk, and Vladikavkaz.

Three applications were rejected at the stage of formal assessment, and out of 50 applications submitted for consideration by the Grant Committee, 28 projects were recommended for funding at its meeting on 16 April. Finally, on the authority of the Director of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, it was decided to subsidize 22 projects for the total amount: PLN 1,219,116.72.

List of entities to which the grant was awarded:

1. Latowicz Municipality – PLN 53,838.72

2. Strzelno Municipality – Primary School with Bilingual Departments in Strzelno - PLN 34,665.00

3. Rozdrażew Commune – Complex of Public Schools in Rozdrażew – 64 400,00 PLN

4. The University Legal Counselling Centres Foundation – PLN 45,420

5. European Sports and Rescue Centre – PLN 75,000

6. Association for the Volunteer Centre  – PLN 70,000

7. "Obszar Wrażliwości Artystycznej" Association – 48 745,00 PLN

8. Center for Support of International Initiatives – PLN 62,000

9. Association for Children and Youth "Uskrzydlamy"   – PLN 73,000

10. Legnica Municipality – VII High School in Legnica – 67 000 PLN

11. Poviat of Grodzisk – E. Kwiatkowski Technical School Complex in Grodzisk Wielkopolski – PLN 58,000

12. Parents' Council at the Complex of General Schools No. 14 in Sosnowiec – PLN 18,000

13. Municipality of Orzysz – PLN 40 000,00

14. Poviat of Wrocław – Poviat School Complex No. 3 in Sobótka – PLN 53 000,00

15. Tychy Municipality – K. Makuszyński Primary School No. 37 with  Bilingual Departments – PLN 65,000.00

16. Association for the Blind and Low-Sighted Children "Razem do celu" – PLN 73,000.00

17. Association "Razem dla Dwójki" – PLN 55,000

18. "Piastun" – Foundation for Children and Youth – PLN 65,000

19. IKE Association – PLN 50,000

20. Municipality of Poznań – XI Jadwiga and Wacław Zembrzuski High School – PLN 60,000

21. Housing Association of Tenants and Owners in Lisewo – PLN 43,048

22. Municipality of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie – PLN 45,000

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