On 4-6 September 2014 in Gdańsk the second edition of the "Club of Gdańsk" was held.

The meeting brought together 15 young leaders from different regions of Poland and Russia, that are interested in various forms of public activity at regional and local levels.

The program consisted of several parts. During the first session Charlet Crawforwd, the British Ambassador to Poland, has conducted professional training in public speaking. Participants of the "Club of Gdańsk" learned the basic principles of formulating logical and interesting speech, gained knowledge on how to prepare for public speaking and how to work on the technique of speech and language culture.

During the next session, titled "Negotiation in Action", Ambassador Crawford presented the fundamental aspects of the modern theory of negotiation and negotiation techniques. The trainees acquired practical skills used in professional mediation. They acquainted with the rules of communication in the negotiation process, as well as negotiation strategies and tactics.

Then the economist Ryszard Petru gave a lecture on Transformation of the political & economic system – Polish experience.

The "Club of Gdańsk" was completed with the training of diplomatic protocol given by Adam Jarczyńskiego from the European Academy of Diplomacy.

Others editions of "Club of Gdańsk":

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