On 3-5 October 2013 in Gdańsk the first "Club of Gdańsk" - Meeting Point for Young Leaders from Poland and Russia took place. 

21 young social leaders Poles and Russians attended few trainings, organised by the Centre.

The project has been divided as follows. During the first session, prof. Ryszard Stemplowski (former Chief of the Chancellery of the Sejm and the Polish Ambassador in London, the first director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs) led a workshop on Philosophical Dilemmas of a Political Analyst . Prf. Stemplowski touched on issues such as social justice, development, democracy, sovereignty, systemic transformation and global economic crises.

During the second session Charles Crawford, the British Ambassador to Poland, has conducted professional training Negotiation in Action. He presented present core aspects of modern negotiation theory and technique, and gave participants many key practical skills used in professional mediation (Anchoring, Framing, Reflecting, Active Listening). Many frank examples taken from high-level diplomacy were given to illustrate how negotiation works in practice.

The programme was supplemented by the diplomatic protocol training, conducted by Bogumiła Więcław, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland specialist in the field of diplomatic protocol.

Other editions of "Club of Gdańsk":

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