Международная летняя школа. История, право и память: как вчера формирует сегодня?

How to talk about the past?

During the 3 edition of the International Summer School, the participants had the opportunity to examine the relations between international law and history. During the lectures held by leading experts, they have the opportunity to discuss what is the crime in international law and can state commit one? What is the difference between the responsibility of the individual and the state? One of the main problems was to find the definition of the nation in the frame of legal and historical science. Here seminar led by prof. Kasjanov was very helpful. Besides theoretical reflections, participants were able to discuss as well a political practice during the workshops on unwanted monuments based on the case study from different countries.

We invited 18 graduate students, young researchers, and people involved in public affairs from Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Armenia and Serbia to participate in the school. During the week they participated in seminars and lectures held by the well-known and respected lawyers, historians and political scientists among others: prof. Klaus Bachman (SWPS), prof. Heorhii Kasianov (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences), prof. Władysław Czapliński (Polish Academy of Sciences), Dr. Patrycja Grzebyk (University of Warsaw).

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