Poland-Russia. Social Diagnosis 2015

How Poles see Russia, Russians and Polish-Russian relations? How Russians see Poland, Poles and Russian-Polish relations?

The first poll regarding Polish-Russian relations, commissioned by the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, was conducted in November and December 2012 (survey of a random sample of 1,036 adult Poles). The second poll, aimed at monitoring the pub-lic perception of Polish-Russian relations, was conducted two years later, in November and December 2014. The Polish countrywide survey was carried out based on a random sample of 1,000 residents aged 15 and older which reflects the population in terms of the following charac-teristics: sex, age, level of education, size of city/town/village of residence and voivodship (region). Fieldwork was conducted by TNS Polska on 12-17 December 2014. ARC Rynek i Opinia analysed the results and compiled a report. Where possible, the results of this survey are compared with the survey of two years ago.

Polish comment on findings of Polish and Russian research by  Łukasz Mazurkiewicz:

The results of the previous research – conducted in late 2012 – gave the impression of “minor stabilisation” in Polish-Russian relations, whereas the survey carried out in December 2014 produced entirely different results, which can be described as profound regression. Responses to all questions, relating directly to the assessment of Russia, Russians and Polish-Russian relations, were far more critical and negative this time around. Also, the views of Russians as regards Poland and Poles have taken a similar, negative turn, although somewhat less significantly. In fact, only opinions unrelated to current events, such as beliefs concerning cultural affinity, remained stable.

Russian comment on findings of Russian and Polish research by Valery Fedorov:

The 2014 tragic events in Ukraine have led to a fundamentally different information backdrop in terms of Russian-Polish relations. The two countries are on opposite sides of the barricades and signs of mutual discontent, criticism, accusations, confrontation – in other words, a general aura of mutual repellence, as was observable in abundance in relations between Russia and Poland in the past - has now come to the forefront. On the other hand, forces of mutual attraction have weakened so dramatically that prospects of cordial relations are now lacking entirely. The conflict between Russia and the West on the Ukrainian issue – and Poland sees itself as an integral part of this – has overshadowed and undermined the attempts aimed at reaching mutual rapprochement undertaken in 2011-2013 by leaders of both countries.

You can download report below:

Poland-Russia. Social Diagnosis 2015 - English version

Polska-Rosja. Diagnoza społeczna 2015 - Polish version

Polsha-Rossiya. Socyologicheskiy diagnoz 2015 - Russian version

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