VI Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area for Boys and Girls

Football Championships, which not only facilitate sports competition and promotion of football, but also enable the establishment of relations between young people and the training environment in Poland and Russia.

16 teams: 8 Polish (Warmian-Masurian and Pomeranian Voivodships) and 8 Russian (Kaliningrad Oblast), almost 200 children from Poland and Russia competed for 3 days for the Championship of the Local Border Traffic Area. The tournament was intended for boys and girls aged 10-14, who had a chance to compete on the sports fields of the Olsztynek  City Stadium with a system "every team with every team" system. For the opening of the event, matches were played by mixed Polish-Russian teams.

"Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. This is the result of the transparency of the rules, the ease of access and the excitement that accompanies every football match, for both the players and supporters. The idea of the Championships was born to enable the integration of young people from Poland and Russia, but the experience of five years allows us to notice that the event has become a permanent part of the sports events calendar in the border area of Poland and Russia. The competition brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, and also contributes to the promotion of fair play and healthy lifestyle,"  says Ernest Wyciszkiewicz, Director of the Centre.

Younger girls (U-12)

1. UKS Perły Olsztynek (Poland)

2. Olimpico Malbork (Poland)

3. Yunost'   Kaliningrad (Юность) (Russia)

4. MAU Forward Kaliningrad (Russia)

 Older girls (U-14)

1.       Kormoran Brzydowo (Poland)

2.       UKS Delta Nowy Staw (Poland)

3.       Olimp  Kaliningrad (Russia)

4.       Lokomotiv  Kaliningrad (3. Olimp  Kaliningrad) (Russia)

Younger boys (U-12)

1. Orlik Reda ( Poland)

2. Sokół Ostróda (Poland)

3. FK Baltika Kaliningrad (ФК Балтика) (Russia)

4.  Sports School No. 5 Kaliningrad (CДЮСШОР-5) (Russia)

 Older boys (U-14)

1.       Pruszcz Gdański (Poland)

2.       FK Baltika (ФК Балтика) (Russia)

3.       Sports School No. 5 Kaliningrad (CДЮСШОР-5) (Russia)

4.       Olimpia Olsztynek (Polska)

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