The image of Poland in Russia through the prism of historical disputes

Report based on a public opinion poll.

As well as its regular surveys of Poles’ opinions on relations with Russia, the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding has commissioned a public opinion poll in Russia that focuses on how Russians see relations with Poland.

This poll does not mirror issues covered in earlier opinion polls in Poland, but instead looks at the most important historical and political issues recently on the agenda between the two countries.

This report offers a perspective on how different historical events and ideas (and their contemporary interpretations) are seen by Russian respondents. This interesting perspective is at times surprising for a Polish audience. It also helps us understand misunderstandings and tensions produced by such issues as commemorations of Red Army soldiers in Poland.

The Russian respondents were also asked about events and concepts from the more distant past. Their interpretation casts light on prevailing views on Russia’s historical role as it has been variously presented.

DOWNLOAD: The image of Poland in Russia through the prism of historical disputes.pdf


Video-presentation of the report:


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