Behind the totalitarian curtain: The new reality in Russia

How is Russian society responding to the war triggered by Vladimir Putin?
How have the Russian authorities converted Russia into a totalitarian state within such a short time?
Do Russians still have any access to independent media and what kind of threats are they facing for saying ‘no to war’?
 Is a bottom-up change of power in Russia possible?

We will try to answer these and other questions during our upcoming debate with Masha Makarova, Russian journalist, and Maria Domańska, analyst from the Centre for Eastern Studies. The discussion will be moderated by Arleta Bojke.


Maria Domańska – an analyst at the Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw since May 2015, her research focuses on domestic politics and policies in Russia. A former diplomat, she worked at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006–2015, and headed the Political Department of the Polish Embassy in Moscow in 2012–2015.

Masha Makarova –  a journalist of Bielsat TV, she previously worked as a press correspondent in Moscow; a graduate of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, an associate of the recently liquidated Memorial Association.

Arleta Bojke – a journalist of the Polish Television (TVP), former TVP correspondent in Russia, author of the newly published book called “Vladimir Putin: An interview that never happened”.

WHEN: 15 March 2022, Tuesday, 6:00 pm
WHERE: Warsaw, Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy, Dom Braci Jabłkowskich, ul. Bracka 25, 3rd floor (lift available)
Languages: Russian and Polish (simultaneous interpretation)
Online: Facebook and YouTube

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