Warsaw, 12 December 2017


The Advisory Council of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding is deeply concerned and firmly protests against the expulsion from the Russian Federation, without any charges, Polish scholar, professor Henryk Głębocki, one of the most outstanding researchers in the field of Russian history and Polish-Russian relations.

Such an action undermines the development of normal scientific relations between institutions and scholars from both countries. Therefore, we expect the ban for entry to the Russian Federation, that makes impossible for prof. Głębocki to conduct scientific research, to be revoked.  

Members of the Centre’s Advisory Council:

Prof. Andrzej Nowak - Chairman of the Council of the Centre, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University,

Dr. Sławomir Dębski - former Director of the Centre, director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs,

Dr. Andrzej Grajewski - Deputy Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Gość Niedzielny",

Jacek Miler  - Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,

Maria Przełomiec - journalist of the Polish Television, presenter of the programme "Studio Wschód".

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